Remote Smart Neck Shoulder Massager



3 Kinds of massage modes, 15 levels of intensity adjustment, to meet your different massage needs. Intelligent simulation of artificial massage techniques, which can be freely selected according to personal preference. Timing function: After the product is turned on, it will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of normal use. When the product is turned on, when the product is not worn normally, the product will automatically shut down in 3 minutes to protect your safety. Heating function: When the heating function is turned on with the remote control, the two electrode pads of the product will heat up, gradually reach 42 ° C within ten seconds, and stabilize at about 42 ° C. Silent noise reduction design: The product basically has no sound when working, and does not affect sleep and anything that requires a quiet environment. Airbag neck protection: Where the product is in contact with both sides of the neck, there are soft airbags, and the product itself is very light, making you more comfortable to wear, and there is no sense of weight during all-day wear. Movable electrode pads: Unlike other electrode pads of massagers, our electrode pads can automatically adjust with your physical activity when you use it correctly, which reduces the pressure on the neck and makes it more comfortable to use. Tailored: The trendy look, similar to the design of a headset, takes you out to keep you at the forefront of the trend. It's perfect for your everyday outfit.

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