Rechargeable USB EMS Foot Massage Mat




1. Adopt EMS(Electronic Muscle Stimulatior) technology and low frequency impulse current therapy to stimulate your muscle motion and promote the blood circulation of massaging parts, helping burn your calories with improved physical appearance and effectively relieve from pressure, tiredness and fatigue with extreme relaxing enjoyment.

2. Equip with 6 massage modes and 9 intensity levels for free switch, easy to adjust by pressing the buttons according to your desired comfort or preferred effect.

3. Built-in 220mAh rechargeable battery supports convenient USB charging(USB cable included), only 2.5 hours charge needed for about 7 hours work duration, no more worries about energy shortage.

4. Non-toxic and odorless EVA foot mat, flexible and ultra soft, can be folded freely to save your space for store and carry convenience.

5. Smooth silicone surface material can thoughtfully deliver skin-friendly touch comfort without hurting your feet, wear resistant for long time repeat use.

6. Non-slip waving patterns backing design to enhance your placing stability, protect you from slippery risks.

7. Detachable ABS controller, quick to get stuck securely with the foot mat and also effortlessly get removed from it.

8. Auto power off function, it will automatically power off after continuous working for 25 minutes, energy saving for hassle free massaging experience.

9. LED indication light in different colors for direct and clear working status check and monitor.



Material: EVA+ABS

Mat Color: Pink(As Picture Shown)

Controller Color: Black & Red(As Picture Shown)

Massage Modes: 6 Modes(Malaxation/Beat/Acupuncture/Tuina/Shiatsu/Scraping)

Intensity Levels: 9 Levels(Please press “+” button to increase the intensity and press “-” button to lower the intensity according to your demands.)

Battery Type: Built-in 220mAh Rechargeable Battery

Battery Lifespan: About 500 Charges


How to Use:

1. Put your bare feet on the mat(please clean your feet before use).

2. Long press the “+” button for 3 seconds to power on with blue light on.

3. Short press the “M” button to choose your desired massage mode.

4. Short press the “+” button to increase the intensity and press “-” button to lower the intensity according to your demands.

5. Short press the “-” button for 1 or 9 times to return to the default intensity level, then it will automatically power off (for example, if you choose the Second intensity level, please short press the “-” button twice to power off).



Strongly suggested to use it for 25 minutes every time. Once or twice a day.

Please use it after finishing your dinner or shower for 30 minutes to achieve better effect.


Package Included:

1* Massaging Foot Mat

1* Controller Unit

1* USB Cable

1* User Manual

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