Nano Mist Spray Facial Moisturizing Beauty



  • High quality product: nano mist sprayer is made of high quality ABS+PC, it is very smooth and comfortable when you hold it in hand.
  • Good for skin: Our nano mist spray can be used together with other liquid skin care product, like pure milk and toner ect,the ratio of mineral water to them 1:9 is better.Make moisturizing and skin care more effective .Your skin will get better and better if you insist using for a long term.
  • USB rechargeable: It is convenient to be charged by your computer or in car. 1200mAH after been fully charged,you can use it to charge your mobile phone in the event of an emergency.
  • Skin moisture test: facial spray mister is equipped with a excellent skin moisture tester,it can tell you the state of skin humidity clearly, remind you to undertake moderate hydration in time,it is urgent to hydrate if it less than 30/%.
  • Bigger capacity :The 35ml big water tank of nano mister can replenish your skin enoughly,meet your daily hydration needs.The fine and strong water spray reaches your subcutaneous tissue through the pores,allowing the dry skin Rehydrate quickly.

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