Loosafe Outdoor 1080P Wireless Full Colour

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Wireless Camera,super wide view full color night vision : Do not limit the extent of view in your property. Fitted with an inbuilt 2.0 megapixels  lens for the camera, the wireless camera ensures that you can see all images and videos recorded by the camera in crystal clear capabilities. The camera even at night has full color night vision no more black and white blurry images.

Microphone and Speaker: Sometimes just having a camera isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to communicate with someone who’s on the other end, but they don’t necessarily have their phone on them, or maybe they don’t have a phone at all. An example might by you see someone running with scissors, so you need to tell them not to run with scissors. Or maybe you’re trying to guide someone through a cooking recipe. Either way, it’s probably a safe bet to get panoramic cameras that have a two way speaker feature.

Motion detection&Alarm: Immediately motion is detected in the room, the camera sends notifications straight to your phone or laptop either as snapshots or emails and activates an inbuilt alarm which is controllable via the monitoring application/software 


  • 1080P HD Resolution
  • Long Range Recording 
  • 2MP Lens
  • Support new era cloud storage
  • Support SD Card max 128GB
  • Easy setup and installation

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