Generic Meat Tenderizer Softener Marinade Maximiser-

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Tenderizer can reduce cooking times up to 40% by breaking down meat fibers, resulting in much juicier and more flavorful meat This tenderizer will improve the texture and the taste of poultry, fish or beef, while also hastening the cooking time. Using tenderizer to create tiny heat channels and help marinade to permeate deeper & quicker 24 stainless-steel prongs break down tough meat fibers and connective tissues and allows marinade to absorb faster into meat creating tastier and juicier results. Heavy duty spring action mechanism controls action. Eligara meat tenderizers can fully absorb marinade in as little as 5 minutes Perfect design of meat tenderizers provides a more convenient using experience. 

Ultra sharp stainless steel needle blade and high quality abs plastic were adopted in tenderizes to ensure a long-term service life A must have essential kitchen tool - Tired of cleaning the splatters of blood and meat bits from the tile behind your kitchen counter? Get rid of that meat mallets or hawmers! Why? Because Pounding Make The Meat Flatten Destroying The Muscles Fibers And The Collagen. Making The Meat Looks Horrible And Smashed. Buy It Now 21 Blade Meat Tenderizer. Enjoy your cooking - The professional stainless steel meat tenderiser keep the shape and appearance of the meat when do the meat tenderiser knuckle, creates tiny aisles in the meat, to reduce the cooking time by up to 40% and helps maintain the taste and flavour.

Suitable for any kind of meat - The meat tenderizer features very sharp blades which make it ideal especially for the fibrous meat like venison, pork, beef, veal, fowl and even poultry and fish. Having a compact and lightweight design, you can comfortably hold it in your palm, without tiring your wrist muscles. Easy to clean - Easily and quickly cleaned up with Cleaning Brush . After use, just soak in warm soapy water after a few minute and wash right off with the help of brush

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