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KES850 KES999


Capture the essence of garlic, with this Garlic Press & Crusher.It is designed to allow the garlic press to fit comfortably in your hand, while the plunger maximizes its utility in delivering freshly minced garlic with little effort.Just insert one, or several small, unpeeled garlic cloves into the hopper and press handles together for effortless results.Garlic skins are completely removed and garlic bits and juice fully extracted.Made with durable plastic and stainless steel to ensure long lasting service.

  • Delivers freshly minced garlic in one smooth press.
  • Garlic skins are removed and garlic bits and juice fully extracted.
  • Copes with unpeeled cloves as well.
  • The insert can be removed for easier cleaning.
  •  stainless steel.

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