Finelaer Soft Leather iPhone 7/8 Plus



Finelaer iPhone leather cases smoothly blend fashion and technology. We strive to create a range of cases that are intuitively simple in design yet quietly sophisticated in appearance. The products we design don’t shout “look at me” but rather quietly command respect through the noticeable quality and design. It protects your favorite devices from scratches, dents, scuffs, dirt and crafted in a slim profile while maintaining functionality and improving grip Each and every case is crafted out of genuine leather. It is handcrafted by skilled artisan from the first cut to the final stitch, making each piece unique - just for you! All of your iPhone functions remain unrestricted, including the lightning connector, volume rocker, speakers, camera, on/off, silent & home button. The case also provides a built-in wallet function to keep cards, folded bank notes making it the perfect 2 -in- 1 case for those days when you have to travel light. We design it. We produce it. We sell it. Come; experience the extravagance of choice-delightful colors, practical designs and range of high quality leather cases.

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