Depilage Hair Removal Cream

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Depilage – one of the most simple and effective ways to enjoy smooth skin. This product assists in skin regeneration with a peeling effect. This is why Depilage suits anyone even with the most sensitive skin prone to irritations, because it is hypoallergenic. Depilage does not contain artificial odorant, color, or additives. ADVANTAGES: Some of the many benefits of Depilage:

✅Does not damage skin

✅No ingrown hair


✅Deep skin peeling

✅Smooth skin without pain

✅After the first procedure hair becomes thinner and lighter

6 problems every woman encounters after depilation:

Hair becomes thicker and more visible

Ingrown hair and pustules

Hair regrows the very next day

Pain during the procedure -Itching and irritations

Dark spots on skin

Depilage depilation for the most tender places! Depilage suits any type of skin, made of absolutely natural components including turmeric and sandal oil.

INGREDIENTS: -Bamboo charcoal -Turmeric -Menthol -Ether mint oil -Sandal oil

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