Dent Remover tool kit

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1.Simple operation,Quick Dent Repair;
2.Paintless Dent Repair,Without Destroying The Original Paint;
3.Three Size Pads,Suitable For Different Dent;
4.Suitable For Automobile ,Refrigerator,Washing Machine ‘s Sheet Metal Surface;

How to use:

1.Clean the part of dent;
2.Put the adhesive rod in hot glue gun,then pull the trigger,let adhesive rod into the gun,plug in the power,Waiting 5 minutes;
3.Choice a suitable pad;
4.Pull the glue gun’s trigger,coated full the pad(including the hole);
5.Quickly placed pad in the central part of dent,pressed gently,waiting 8 minutes(don’t exceed 10 minutes );
6.Put the pulling bridge into pad rod,and the screw rotary knob,slowly tighten until the dent part to pull with the surrounding surface
7.After dent repair, unscrew the screws rotaty knob and remove the pulling bridge and then pads, if there is a hot melt adhesive on the surface of the body, can use hands gently tear up.

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