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  •  INTEGRATED AIRPOD CASE: Our original, top-selling Apple Airpods case and the cover is not only for your phone but also for your Airpods. With added TPU around the brim of the cover for the AirPods, you can rest assured that dropping it will not internally damage or scratch your accessories!
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Our patented shut-and-lock system ensures your Airpods never fall out of the holder. Simply close the lid to lock and once it snaps it's secure.
  • ALWAYS WITH YOU: If you can remember to bring your phone, you surely will never forget to bring your Airpods. You won't have to carry around an extra case that is too bulky to stick in your pocket, and you won't ever have to worry about them getting lost, stolen, or breaking.
  • COOL AND REAL AIRPOD CASE: Our patented technology was specifically designed and molded so your Apple Airpods would fit perfectly in our case holder.

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