Generic Silicone Pastry / Basting Brush



This specially made silicone basting brushes with one piece ergonomic design will make your BBQ, marinating meat and steaks fun, mouth watering, safe and hygienic.

Main Features:

Super Quality: Made of FDA approved and BPA free silicone with a steel core inside. No worry to break them apart or the hair shed on the food.

Safe to Use: The pastry brush is safe , no need to worry about toxins leaching into your food since these are BPA free, and food grade silicone.

Versatile: Great for cooking, baking, grilling, barbecuing or kids craft. The flexible bristles will soak up and hold a lot more of whatever you're brushing or basting onto your food and won't fall off.

Durable: BPA Free silicone withstands high temperature and frequent use. A silicone pastry brush won't shed bristles, clump, stain, melt or retain odor.

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