Generic Bag Rack Holds 16 Handbags



1.Durable and practical

  • Top Quality: This Handbag Rack is made of nylon webbing, plastic clips and stainless steel hooks, ensuring its high quality and longevity, can provide long serving life;
  • Adjustable: This set of bag racks webbing is adjustable, Maximum height of the door: 86” Inches; The Hook width is about 4.5cm(1.77inch), you can adjust it to any door less than 4.5cm(1.77inch) thick with simple tools, allow you to adjust it to fit your door well;
  • Hold 16 Bag or Purses: This Bag Rack set includes 2 pack, one black and one orange, make them can hold up to 16 bags,Purses,Scarves or hats totally;
  • Easy to Use: Adjust the Stainless Steel Hook to any door less than 4.5cm(1.77inch) thick with simple tools, Put the clip on the plastic buckle, then link the webbing with hooks, and fix the hook on your door,please ensure that the webbing is in a vertical tight state. Your closet organization can start immediately.
  • Effective Space Saving: Simply pick up your Handbag purse on the way out. You can use it on closet door, laundry door or any other door you can see fit.

2.Very perfect organizer for saving place

3.6 pockets,satisfied your different demand

4.Foldable,you can fold it when you don't use it

5.Super huge capacity,can store 6 bags in a bag

6.Can be hang it in your wardrobe,closet or back door

7.More convenient to use with the double side design and transparent film


1.Material:Non Woven Fabric


  • Very perfect organizer for saving space
  • Durable and practical
  • 6 pockets,satisfying different demand
  • Foldable
  • Super huge capacity
  • Material:Non Woven Fabric

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